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​“We are a small farm (smallholding) approximately 2 km from the nearest village (Dufton). Having
spent most of my life in a university environment it was important when we moved here to have
access to the Internet. This was unfortunately not originally available except at very low speeds, but
recently has been provided to us by Dufton Digital. Over the four years since its start up we have had
almost uninterrupted access to the Internet, with the upload and download speeds having increased
considerably. We cannot now consider life without Internet access. It is certainly good to know that
the system is organised locally and that if there are any problems they will be attended to very

Dr Ron Barker

“Since you established Dufton Digital I've been able to do things online that I was unable to do before. BT have only provided a minimal broadband connection and they don't seem willing to provide a better service to rural villages such as ours- 1.7mb was the best speed I could achieve and that didn't allow me to do much.”
John Hughes, Local resident
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