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Consulting Services

With over 20 years experience working in the software and engineering industry, leading complex, global, development projects, we can help you transform your business and manage your projects more effectively, building teams and systems to streamline your development process. 

Project management

We can come on board to coach your existing project teams to enhance their skills, help refine your processes and improve project success.

Change management


As businesses grow, the management of change is critical in realising the future potential. We can assess your business, and help plan changes to the organisation and processes, creating a more effective and scalable organisation that can grow in a sustainable manner.

Product design

In this age of apps and extensions, all software is expected to be easy to use and attractive, as well as functional. We can help you understand how to design your user experience to deliver products that people enjoy using and remove barriers to adoption.

Software architecture

In developing software, it's not enough to simply have the best software engineers - you also need to have a clear plan for your software architecture that meets the product goals and is open for future extensions. We can help assess your overall software architecture and vision to ensure you have a system that allows you to grow your products effectively in the future.

Development infrastructure

The success of a development project is often down to having the best tools, infrastructure and development practices. We can help you introduce the best tools for your organisation and build your development processes around them, improving efficiency and predictability.

Agile methodologies

Many groups are moving towards 'Agile' methodologies for managing their projects. We can work with you to refine your development practices to get the most out of Agile & Scrum methods and continuous / frequent product delivery.

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