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Community Internet

In spite of government targets and promises, many small communities in the UK are still without good internet connectivity. We have extensive experience in how to bring super-fast internet to remote communities and would like to help you achieve the same in your community! Often there are grants available to help cover the costs and we can help you with such grant applications. Long range wireless links can be used to connect the remotest of homes and business to high speed fibre backhaul.

Dufton, Cumbria

Dufton is a small community in Cumbria, comprising around 100 homes but with many second homes & holiday lets. It is situated on the west side of the Pennines, about 3 miles from main services such as fibre broadband.


The commercial broadband offering in the village is via ADSL and offers speeds between 0.5 Mbps download and 2.5Mbps download, depending on the distance from the exchange. These speeds just about allow e-mail and basic web access but do not support the type of use that people expect today, such as online backups, on-demand video, cloud storage of documents and photos and online gaming.

We established a new non-profit making community business (Dufton Digital) with the goal of providing true super-fast internet connectivity to anyone who wanted it, at an affordable price. After initial prototyping, to help the people who had the poorest connectivity in the village, the network was developed to the point where it now provides up to 100 Mbps symmetric connection to over 40 homes and businesses, transforming lives for the community and providing access to key resources for children and the elderly who are most disadvantaged in rural communities.

Update: After may years of campaigning we managed to get fibre broadband to our community. Dufton Digital is now being wound down after 9 years of successful service! 

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