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MIT Solutions is a technical management consultancy business working with startups and SMEs to advise on product strategy, product development and business infrastructure, helping deliver better products, increased profitability and business growth.

We also manage complex technical projects and deliver innovative product solutions for a range of challenges in the Engineering and Software space.

Improve the way you develop your technology

With over 20 years experience in the global software development and engineering industries, we can help you deliver better products faster and cheaper. Our areas of expertise include organisational change management, introducing agile development practices, building & managing multi-site and multi-disciplinary teams and introducing tools and infrastructure to bring your global team together and streamline your product delivery.


We have extensive experience managing complex and collaborative technical projects, in both software and hardware, in a range of industries around the globe. We can either manage your projects directly or work alongside your existing project team to help improve the process and offer strategic guidance.

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